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Dénes Korcz

Head of Facility Management Hauni Hungaria (Pécs)

Dénes Korcz firmly believes that everyone should examine his or her own area of responsibility and find ways to support sustainability and environmental management. For example, at the Pécs site it would be a good ideas to plant trees on the company premises.

How does environmental management in Pécs differ from other locations?

Actually there are no major differences. Here, too, the facility management is responsible for the specific tasks involved in environmental management. In addition, we have appointed an environmental protection officer – Attila Kalangya – who has a similar role to that of Susanne Stübe at the Bergedorf site. In Hungary, however, we have to comply with a number of local regulations so there are differences in focus and emphasis. But there are other reasons for this as well. For example, the summer months are much hotter in Pécs than in northern Germany.

Are there any measures that make you particularly proud?

Yes, the idea of cooling our buildings by providing natural shade from trees is simple but also very effective. We have planted around 100 trees next to our production halls, the new social building and new parking spaces. We are also taking special care of the old trees on the three hectare site we purchased in 2014. The improved air quality and enhanced well-being of our employees on the site are welcome side effects.

 How do you approach environmental management from a practical standpoint? What is your focus?

In environmental management, we focus closely on personal responsibility and make sure we communicate this very clearly. In 2015 and 2016 we ran a highly successful campaign to save energy. Every fortnight we sent simple messages to all employees via monitors in the production department reminding them to save energy, e.g. "Close windows!", "Switch off lights!" or "Only use air-conditioning when you are in the room!" Our colleagues were enthusiastic in accepting this advice and timer switches supported them in their efforts to save energy.

What is the role of resource management at your location?

Energy and resource management lie at the heart of our measures for environmental protection. For example, we use excess heat from the compressors to heat three production halls in plant construction and machining. Furthermore, whenever we purchase new production machines we ensure that they are more energy efficient than their predecessors. To prevent heat penetrating the building in summer – and to save energy used by air-conditioning – we have installed around 100 external venetian blinds over the past five years. In the production halls we have also introduced energy-efficient lighting controls which respond to the level of natural daylight. To save water, more than 50 percent of our men's toilets now have waterless urinals.

In your opinion, how important is it to exchange ideas with your counterparts in environmental management at other locations?

I agree with the environmental protection officer Susanne Stübe when she says that we should be even more consistent in our use of clever new ideas to protect our environment and climate. Closer communication would certainly be very helpful. Building a sustainability team here in Pécs is also an important step in the right direction.


As Sustainability Manager for the Business Area Tobacco, Dirk Kronenberg is your contact for any questions and comments regarding sustainability (tel. +49 40 72 50-29 22), e-mail

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