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"Optimizing energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important when developing our products. We define concrete sustainability goals for every new product development."

Example: water cooling in the PROTOS M generation.

New cooling concepts, like those we use in the modern M-generation cigarette makers, contribute significantly to reducing a factory's energy costs. A centralized water cooling system takes considerable strain off the air conditioning system in the production hall and greatly reduces the emission of CO2 which is harmful to the climate. At the early planning phase of the PROTOS M generation, saving energy had already been made a priority. A central water cooling system has therefore become standard equipment in all of our premium machine generations.

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Reduce energy costs with the M generation

Example: noise insulation on the KDF 5 filter maker

Noise insulation has been at the core of our development strategy for more than ten years. Numerous measures, including setting up a low-vibration machine base plate, using direct drives and high-quality seals, have reduced emission levels significantly. Instead of values of around 85 dB(A) which are typical for filter makers, the KDF 5 reached levels of just 74 dB(A), depending on the materials used.

This noise reduction has a particularly positive impact on the employees working in the production halls every day. They can go without hearing protection and are put under less strain from noise at work.

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When a hush falls over the factory

Example: Smart Monitoring System (SMS)

Another feature of a sustainable product is that it offers the best possible cost-efficiency while in operation and during maintenance. Durable components and excellent reliability are key criteria. The earlier we can identify potential faults, the more precisely we can take action to prevent damage from occurring that would otherwise result in loss of production and increased costs. The Smart Monitoring System (SMS) continuously monitors the condition of specific subassemblies during production and thus prevents unexpected machine stops.

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Early-warning system


As Sustainability Manager for the Business Area Tobacco, Dirk Kronenberg is your contact for any questions and comments regarding sustainability (tel. +49 40 72 50-29 22), e-mail

HiLiTE Article: The thermal imaging camera proves: Water-cooled M-Generation machines release significantly less heat into production halls than standard makers. not only does this cut carbon emissions, it also reduces costs.

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