"We optimize our value-adding processes, especially those aspects that improve environmental sustainability." In our sustainability programme, we have set clear goals to reduce CO2 emissions, energy and water consumption, waste volume as well as paper consumption."

The Business Area Tobacco is meeting the challenges of the future: environmental protection has been one of the company's guiding principles for many years. This is not distinct from other goals, but is instead an integral component of the long-term corporate strategy. Striving for the best possible product quality also includes using resources sparingly. This applies not only to our production processes, but also to products. The aim of environmental policy is to strike a balance between environmental protection and business efficiency. Almost all value-adding processes in the company have potential for sustainability activities, as they affect the ecosystem in some way. From a global perspective, climate protection is the highest ecological priority followed by resource conservation.

All process goals at a glance

The Business Area Tobacco has defined the following process goals as part of the sustainability programme:

Process goal 1: reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

Reducing CO2 emissions by 1% per year across the Business Area Tobacco until 2020. This represents a yearly saving of 287 t of CO2

Process goal 2: reduction of energy consumption

Reducing energy consumption (electricity and gas) by 1% per year across the whole Business Area Tobacco until 2020. This represents annual savings of 747 MWh.

Process goal 3: reduction of waste production

Reducing the specific waste volume generated in the Business Area Tobacco by 10% by the year 2020. This represents an annual reduction of generated waste by 63 t.

Process goal 4: reduction of water consumption

Reducing the specific water consumption per employee in the Business Area Tobacco by 10% by the year 2020. This represents an annual reduction of 571,000 litres of drinking water.

Process goal 5: reduction of paper consumption

Reducing the specific paper consumption by 20% at the Bergedorf and Schwarzenbek sites by December 2020.


As Sustainability Manager for the Business Area Tobacco, Dirk Kronenberg is your contact for any questions and comments regarding sustainability (tel. +49 40 72 50-29 22), e-mail

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2 Trees for Participation at customer surveys

As part as of our customer surveys for conversion Hauni will donate in 2016 for each completed survey two trees to the initiative of Naturefund. We highly appreciate the feedback from our customers and as a “Thank you” for taking part, Hauni will support the afforestation in the national park Tunari, in Bolivia.

The national park of Tunari is located in the eastern range of the Andes Cordillera. It concludes an area of 3,000 square kilometers with a population of 80,000 people.


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