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Technical Improvement Program (TIP)

The Technical Improvement Program helps you to increase performance and machine availability, to reduce your costs and improve your quality and to reach your goals with your existing machines.

Our Service Approach


Analysis of your individual needs


Proposal of a customized solution


Monitoring and continuous improvement


Installation and fine-tuning

Customized solutions for your individual needs

TIP Solutions - What is in for you?

Increasing Performance

Your process reliability is insufficient?


  • Production targets missed due to unstable production process
  • Micro stops are causing a lot of start/stop waste
  • Production costs are heavily influenced by material yield


  • Increase process reliability and reduce standard deviation
  • Increase Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Saving costs via tobacco recovery


  • STR Short Tobacco Recovery - TIP C VE 230/231
  • Recover tobacco shorts and easily save €80,000 per year.
Improved Availability

Your downtime is too high?


  • Unexpected downtime
  • Time-consuming adjustments


  • Solutions designed to support predictive maintenance
  • Quick and easy changeovers


  • Starwheel airlock with steel paddles -
    TIP C VE 522
  • Reduce your maintenance costs by quadrupling the service life of the starwheel airlock.
Increasing Quality

Your product quality is unsatisfactory?


  • Consumer complaints are negatively affecting the reputation of your brand
  • Quality waste is a major cost driver


  • Optimize quality at the source
  • Improve manufacturing process for reducing rejects


  • Triacetin Spray Nozzle
  • Significantly improve filter quality by reducing tip-to-tip variation by 60%.

Obsolescence Prevention

Do you face the risk of long downtimes due to obsolescence?


  • Obsolete electronic parts prevent quick and easy repairs
  • Outdated electrical systems increase production risks


  • Advanced obsolescence information and various electrical upgrades
  • High operational reliability ensured by state-of-the-art components


  • Basic e-kit for LASERS - TIP C PR 141
  • Avoid 5 months of downtime and thus a major financial loss
Up to 300 TIPs available

Customized solutions for your individual needs.

Modernize your machinery

Open new horizons for your established, reliable machinery.


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Browse your installed Hauni machines and find TIPs for the corresponding machine types. Request a TIPs quotation with just a few klicks. myPORTAL also offers a redesigned spare parts webshop for a convenient order process. Comprehensive services like an obsolescence analysis, further information on selected machine types and an online collaboration room for joint projects will facilitate your daily work with Hauni machinery.

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Visit our TIP Booth

Our TIP Booth at Hauni Academy

Our TIP booth with its changing exhibitions impressively shows the Hauni Group's modernization portfolio. It is a great opportunity to learn about the various possibilities of the TIP program regarding the improvement of proven machines and their components. We look forward to your visit!

How can we support you?

Our offer to you:

The TIP Team offers personal meetings in your factory with detailed information on TIPs and in-depth discussion. Our range of services includes individual, interactive TIP workshops as well as scoping of tailor-made solutions for individual production challenges. You can contact the TIP team directly for all TIP-related questions.

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