SPARE PARTS as a service

New from Hauni: Express spares for Hauni machines Produced specifically for urgent orders Manufactured in a sophisticated 3D metal printing process Look and feel are different to that of conventional components - the quality remains the same

What is additive manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing is a method of the producing components by layering, melting and forming metal powder. The machine concerned works according to a 3D template and therefore does not need a prototype (as is required with conventional production technology). As a result, all imaginable forms and variants can be manufactured, even those that were not possible up to now (e.g. integral construction). For more information, watch the following video:

Prof. John Hart from Massachusetts Institute of Technology on additive manufacturing


What are the benefits of additive manufacturing?

By selecting components that are suitable for additive manufacturing, have an adapted design and optimized production processes, additive manufacturing has the potential to significantly reduce delivery times. The resulting shorter delivery times for those components can save additional storage capacity and reduce working capital.

Additive manufacturing makes special component shapes possible that could not be manufactured up to now (e.g. interior cooling channels). In contrast to conventional manufacturing, the degree of complexity is not an issue with additive manufacturing.

How is a component selected for additive manufacturing?

In order to get an intuitive sense of potential printable components, check the five following points


Additive manufacturing at Hauni

Necessary steps when receiving a Hauni express spare

This flyer specifies all the necessary steps from receiving the delivery and registering the component through to returning the part after use.

Flyer (PDF)


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