Full rebuilt "as new"

Hauni's “Anti-Aging Program” – Rebuilds for machines of all ages

As robust as Hauni machines are and regardless of how diligently you care for and maintain your machinery, at some point you will notice that the best days have passed you by and the machines are no longer performing as they used to.

We are now offering a “rejuvenating cure” for your old Hauni machines! Reap the benefits of our decades of experience as rebuild specialists in the Hauni network.The choice is yours!

1. Maintenance and modernization

The basic package offered in our modular rebuild programme provides a great deal more than conventional service and maintenance. In close cooperation with yourself, we develop intelligent and forward-looking concepts for your machines.

2. Partial overhaul

A partial overhaul of your machine comprises a great deal more than a mere maintenance and repair operation. Together with you, we collaboratively determine which combination of modules is required to return your machines to their optimum performance.  

3. General overhaul – relight the fire!

High-quality, full rebuild “as new” is a cost-efficient alternative to an expensive new machine.

The complete dismantling and remodelling of your machine with verified, overhauled and new OEM quality components, as well as the tailored upgrade to state-of-the-art technology, will leave your tried and tested machine as good as new once again.

4. Relocation Cascading

Relocating cigarette and filter making machinery can be a complicated job, particularly when machines have to be adjusted to suit different conditions at the new factory site. Converting your machinery before and not after commissioning is a huge time and money saver. Your makers can start production at the new location immediately and reliably. With no delays.

Thanks to our large stock of old machines, we are able to provide advance performance and supply you, for example, with a rebuild of one of our old machines. We can also offer you tailor-made, high-quality rebuild machines, without the need for you to contribute a machine from your own production line. Get in touch with us!

For questions about rebuild
Tel.: +49 4151 / 86-3

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