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To ensure spares are easy to obtain, Hauni not only runs a webshop – recently redesigned to include extra product information, graphics-based navigation options, and an optimized ordering process  – but also Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) schemes. The benefits include better parts availability, as well as lower costs due to the savings from e-commerce technology.


The online solution for buying spare parts.

ERP/ ED communication

A simple, secure solution for buying spare parts.

Vendor Managed Inventory: The process

Vendorf Managed Inventory (VMI): Optimizing your supply chain

Optimizing your supply chain.



For questions about our services
Tel.: +49 40 / 72 50-39 76

Three efficient ways to order

  • Speed up spare delivery
  • Optimize and standardize the order process
  • Reduce your costs for Hauni spares by up to 4% by using e-commerce technology


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