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Health-conscious consumers. Heavily regulated markets. Rising tobacco taxes. What does this mean for the tobacco industry? New ideas are needed. The industry must observe the market closely, keep its finger on the pulse, research and develop alternative and innovative products, and launch them onto the market with a well thought out concept. “Heated tobacco products” have recently become a popular alternative to conventional cigarettes. Few segments are growing as rapidly as this one. Growth is projected to be 180 percent per year. Hauni is on board as a solutions partner.

Heated tobacco products create complex challenges. We support our customers with know-how and innovative ideas.

Nils Heidrich

Executive Vice President Sales


The idea is not new: the first product that merely heated the tobacco it contained, rather than burning it, was launched onto the market back in the 1990s. With this type of product, there are two options: either the cigarettes are lit and do not require an external energy source. Or the product uses an external energy source to heat the tobacco. The “vapour” generated definitely contains nicotine – but fewer combustion products than a conventional cigarette. This also means fewer harmful substances. Cigarette manufacturers are investing heavily in research and development and have launched new products onto the market that give new momentum to this familiar idea.


“Heated tobacco products” place completely new demands on the cigarette industry and its partners – from production through to sales. They are very sophisticated as they connect a tobacco stick with an electronic device. Tobacco, paper and filters are still required, but manufacturing the requisite cigarette sticks presents more complex challenges. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of solutions to the international tobacco industry, Hauni supports its customers with these products as well, providing know-how and lots of innovative ideas that have proven themselves in practice many times over. Tried and tested components for the production of tobacco, cigarette tubes and filters are complemented by entirely new developments. In the end, the machines in the factories are as innovative as the products they make.

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