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Secondary: The leading supplier

Hauni is the leading supplier of Secondary processing machinery.
For all core processes such as filter and multifilter production, cigarette production and logistics components, we provide technical solutions, characterized by the highest processing and quality standards.

When cigarette manufacturers place a high value on reliability, they choose PROTOS. This name has become the standard for cigarette production machines in the international tobacco industry. With forward-looking technologies and refined processes, Hauni sets standards for efficient production, calculable outputs, and the highest quality, cigarette after cigarette. Products

The filter is of utmost importance for the smoke characteristics of a cigarette. Markets demand innovative filter design and accordingly, innovative production processes. Hauni possesses a unique potential with respect to knowledge and experience in filter production machines. We set the standards – for the production of filters.  Products

Special filters are increasingly being used as a distinguishing feature, giving brands a unique character which can be defined by their design, color, shape, taste or a particular function. Filters can be made either in conventional white or coloured, with or without granules or flavors added via a thread or sprays. They can contain capsules and feature ventilation channels or a hollow shape, and they can be made either with a paper plugwrap or nonwrapped. Different filter types can also be combined in many novel ways to create dual and split dual, triple, recess and cavity filter rods. Whatever the choice, our multifilter maker show what a drum-based solution has to offer in terms of flexibility and filter variety. Products >

Efficient processes are essential in cigarette production. The correct materials, semifinished products and components must be at the right place at the right time. Hauni has logistics components that deliver, transport and store reliably and gently. We implement creative ideas for calculable advantages...more

In addition to designing and producing first-class machinery and logistics equipment, Hauni offers a solution to optimize the cigarette production process, increase process transparency and optimized ROI on equipment and systems...more

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