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The best way to automate individual machines, lines or entire Primary plants.

To offer world class automation you need more than just the best hardware and software components on the market. Our in-house Hauni automation team is continually developing innovative solutions designed to automate individual machines, lines or entire Primary plants. By keeping an eye on the latest trends and working closely with our customers and suppliers, our engineers are driven to develop the best automation strategies available.

Automation functions

Hauni automation is based on an expandable modular design which complies with international automation standards. We provide our customers with intuitive functions and clear interfaces thereby simplifying their integration into existing production environments.

These functions can be grouped into three general categories.

  • Basic functions: These cover all the basic process control and operating functions and will run on any reliable PLC. They are fundamental to automated production and have been optimized both in their functionality and flexibility. Their range includes functions such as process control, manual setup, alarm & event management, safety & interlocking systems, Human Machine Interface (HMI), PID loop control & online trending as well as blend parameter control.
HMI: Intuitive and efficient handling (2D)
HMI: Intuitive and efficient handling (3D)
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) functions: These functions are optional and their implementation may vary depending on the specific requirements on site. SCADA functions cover all tasks running on PC or mainframe computers which require central operations such as area supervision, scheduling or recipe management.
  • MES (Management Execution System) functions: These contain the interface for Enterprise Resource Planning systems such as SAP, warehouse management, tracking and tracing. Any additional advanced functions can easily be added on request.

Your benefits

The modular structure of all these functions enables them to be integrated into your plant according to your requirements. All functions are available in tested, flexible modules and are configured to a complete and tailor-made automation concept.

All functions come with complete documentation. We also provide extensive staff training to support our clients over the total lifetime of the plant. Hauni is your single source for all of your automation needs. Take full advantage of our global presence and expertise.

Make these benefits work for you - use our experience!

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