Special projects: new product and packing solutions

If you have a special product to pack, require a new kind of packaging or are working with different packaging materials, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss any kind of solution with you. The following projects give you an example of our Expertise.

Powder/liquid packaging
The Hauni pouch maker is also available with a specialized metering system for dry, free-flowing powders, such as tobacco or granules. In addition, the metering unit can also be modified to meter liquids.

With the different packaging solutions we can offer a wide range of supplementary packaging, e.g. combinations of cigarette packs with pouch blisters or smoking/vaping devices with refill packs.

Top-loading cartoners, blister makers and wallet machines
If you are looking for special packaging for your snus/snuff pouches or any other device, top-loading boxes, wallet boxes or individual blisters offer you all the variety you can imagine. With in-line printing, leaflets or other add-ons we will customize the packaging to your exact requirements.

For sales and product queries
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