Shisha capsules: the future of shisha smoking

Shisha capsules transform smoking shisha into a clean and fast way for beginners and experienced users. Hauni offers you machinery and patented shisha capsules.

Shisha capsules

Each capsule consists of a peelable top foil, a precision perforated aluminium foil, a capsule body filled with shisha tobacco that has holes in the bottom, and a peelable bottom foil.


Hauni offers you machinery for shisha capsules as a unique entry point into a future market. This individually scalable machine is currently in development with a minimum output of 30 capsules / minute.

Innovative technology

Innovative sealing technology ensures a reliable seal is produced by the top and bottom foils. All structural components as well as all machine components that come into contact with the product will be made of high-quality stainless steel which is easy to clean.

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