Always a suitable alternative

Some people like to roll their own cigarettes. Some are cigar enthusiasts or smoke cigarillos. Alternative tobacco products may not be able to keep up with the classic cigarette when it comes to sales volume, but market studies predict a continuing, very positive trend. Thanks to our experts and technological know-how, we can assist our customers closely in every possible way and support them with new solutions. We identify trends early and help to shape them.

Our solutions at a glance

Filter tubes

Personal touch

If you roll your own cigarettes, you need filter tubes. Decouflé, a member of the Hauni Group, has equipment in its portfolio that can produce up to 10,000 filter tubes per minute and pack them into 100, 200 or 250 count boxes. In production lines, these individual components – from the maker and buffer system through to the packing station – are all perfectly coordinated with one another. This guarantees high process stability.

Cigars / Cigarillos

Exclusive pleasure

Cigars have been known in Europe since 1492, when Columbus landed on the islands of the West Indies. An experienced human cigar roller needs two minutes to make a cigar. Decouflé, a member of the Hauni Group, supplies high-performance machines with an unprecedented production speed of up to 3,200 cigars or 5,000 cigarillos per minute. From marketing to packing – Decouflé's machines cover all the steps in the production process.

Modern oral

Pouch with or without tobacco

Modern oral products provide further potentially reduced-risk options. The consumer takes the pouch and places it under his upper lip. Hauni offers integrated solutions that cover both production and packaging. Whether pouches, cans or other packaging - Hauni machines produce quickly, reliably and in high quality. More than 1,000 pouches or 60 cans per minute are thus easily handled.

Special projects

Unique is also an option

Sometimes a simple pouch just won't do. Or a round can. Sometimes it has to be something special. Special products require new types of packaging. If this involves a variety of packaging materials, Hauni develops the appropriate, customized solutions. The customer specifies – Hauni delivers.


Quality knows no alternative

Alternative tobacco products undergo quality control just like conventional cigarettes. Hauni's companies Sodim and Borgwaldt are leading experts in testing physical parameters. Using modern measuring instruments, the tobacco from cigars and cigarillos, for example, can be tested to ensure that they have the right moisture content. Smoking machines perform detailed smoke analysis. The test stations are extremely flexible and can therefore be adapted by each customer to his or her individual requirements.

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