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Test station

Sodim and Borgwaldt offer a broad portfolio of test stations for quality control of cigarettes and filter rods. Their remarkable versatility enables every customer to tailor a test station to his own requirements.

  • SODIQUBE and SODILINE by Sodim
  • OMI+ by Borgwaldt

by Sodim
by Borgwaldt

Manual physical testing

Physical measuring instruments are available for routine monitoring, research and development according to function. The following materials can be tested:

  • Tobacco
  • Paper
  • Cellulose acetate
  • Pack
  • Filter rods
  • Final cigarette

by Sodim
by Borgwaldt

Smoking machines

Borgwaldt's product range includes a wide selection of smoking machines. Products range from analytical smoking machines offering application technology for research and development to semi-automatic and fully automatic rotating smoking machines, as well as linear smoking machines, in particular for routine smoke analysis.

by Borgwaldt

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