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Hauni has the experience and expertise to help you optimize your processes. Our services range from performing in-depth analyses, identifying weak points and sources of errors to implementing complete solutions.

GPO Consultancy Service: optimize manufacturing processes from Primary to Secondary

Global Process Optimization (GPO) is the name of a service that deploys consultants to help customers optimize manufacturing processes from Primary to Secondary by identifying untapped potential. The aim is to cut the cost of production. Our unique experience in tobacco processing and cigarette manufacturing enables us to identify the synergy between quality parameters and the two processes.


GPO objectives:

  • Optimum tobacco utilization
    Optimize processes to produce the maximum number of cigarettes from 1 kg of tobacco while meeting market expectations

  • Implement process optimization
    Implement more efficient processes with improved productivity and product Quality

  • Improve process methodologies
    Improve process methodologies, from ensuring optimum filling power and rag length control through to cigarette manufacturing 

  • Work together towards success

Find out more about product performance and turn that into new, lean manufacturing processes with Hauni’s extensive production knowledge and expertise. The results will speak for themselves: lower manufacturing costs with no sacrifice in product quality.

Engineering: we provide process optimization advice and support

An old challenge: over the course of time, your production system undergoes changes that can have a negative impact on your system's efficiency.


This may be due to a number of factors, such as outdated equipment with limited space and an overwhelming variety of material or processes that have been changed or extended at various points.


Computer simulations based on our model library serve to safeguard the selected solution concept while also verifying the management concept, ultimately ensuring that there are no surprises during the implementation process.

For questions about consulting
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