Success story: MATRIX PACK is upgrading!

13. August 2020 - Soon three Hauni Straw Maker (HSM) will be producing high-quality paper straws at MATRIX PACK in Greece. In July 2019, Hauni entered into a strategic partnership with the European Drinking Straw manufacturer MATRIX PACK, in order to further develop the HSM.

Following the successful launch early 2020 in Europe of the 2-layer eco-friendly paper straw made by the HSM and sustained customer interest ever since, MATRIX PACK had decided to invest during Summer 2020 in another 2 new HSM lines, in order to respond to the growing European Paper Drinking Straw market demand.

The HSM is the fastest and most efficient drinking straw machine on the market. With a speed of up to 300 meters per minute, a high degree of automation leading to raw material optimization and years of proven machine quality, HAUNI is the technology leader in the eco-friendly paper drinking straw market.

We are very happy about this great success and thank all the teams involved for the excellent cooperation.

Further information about the HSM can be found here:

Further information about to source innovative 2-layer Paper Drinking Straws can be found here:

Hauni Paper Straw

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With MATRIX PACK we have a competent partner at our side. Together we will set new standards in the paper drinking straw industry.

Dr. Jürgen Heller

Chief Sales Officer of Hauni Maschinenbau GmbH