Next-level Vaping

In 2011, the popularity of the e-cigarette began to spread around the globe. In today’s increasingly professionalized market, consumer expectations of performance, functions and quality are rising constantly. A new, patented component from Hauni is helping e-cigarette manufacturers step up to the next level of quality and consumer protection.



According to scientific studies, e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful to health than conventional cigarettes. Currently used technologies have disadvantages, however, especially with regard to production quality, the risk of overheating and formation of harmful substances. At the same time, the nicotine is less active than in conventional cigarettes.


The evaporator component Hauni-Inside improves the flexibility of production processes and ensures a certifiable level of quality that was previously unattainable for manufacturers. Hauni-Inside can be integrated into all standard e-cigarettes and offers many advantages for both manufacturers and consumers.

The Hauni Group aims to provide innovative solutions and optimum support for customers in their various activities. These key areas of action, which include “We want to revolutionize the e-cigarette market”, were outlined in Strategy 2024. In October 2017, the company founded the new Vaping Technologies department as an agile start-up within the company to achieve this goal. Under the leadership of René Schmidt, the department brings together all the essential expertise under one roof. It can thus implement new ideas and business models very quickly.

We outperform most competing products in terms of quality, scalability and flexibility in supply chain design.

Prof. Dr. Michael Capone

Digital Program Manager of Vaping Technologies

To prove the advantages of Hauni-Inside’s patented technology, Vaping Technologies constructed prototypes based on customer products.

Innovative vaporization technology

The vaping experts have proven they are up to the challenge – their new heater module Hauni-Inside is designed as a component for all e-cigarettes with closed tank systems and solves many of the problems currently facing the market. In conventional devices, the vapor is generated by a heating wire wrapped around a wick. However, this wick-coil technology, and even newer ceramic vaporizers, have several disadvantages. These include the danger of overheating the liquids, potential leakages and the formation of harmful substances.

New regulations are demanding ever better products that produce fewer and fewer harmful substances and cannot be used by minors. Hauni has developed a completely new technology to meet these requirements. Its advantages include vaporization with significantly lower levels of harmful substances, twice the nicotine delivery of competitor products and an integrated Bluetooth interface for unprecedented control. “In addition to an age restriction function, our app offers a customizable smoking experience and statistical evaluations of smoking behaviour,” explains Michael Capone, Digital Program Manager at Vaping Technologies.

For our customers, Hauni-Inside technology offers a uniquely high degree of automation. It makes their production sites much more flexible and allows them to certify product quality. In addition, the built-in intelligence generates a wealth of data that can be used to optimize supply chains, improve distribution and availability as well as refine product portfolios.

We founded Vaping Technologies to bring new ideas to market at lightning speed.

Dr. René Schmidt

Head of Vaping Technologies

Prototypes bring technology to life

“Of course, all theory is grey – so we decided to investigate the advantages of our new designs by building a variety of prototypes,” explains Gunnar Niebuhr, who produced them with his team and a large network of external partners from industry and research. “Our modular approach allows us to integrate the standardized heater module and its electronics module into all market-leading products.”

“In order to prove the advantages of Hauni-Inside technology over existing products, we have also built prototypes based on customer products for blind tasting,” says Marc Kessler, responsible for basic development in the division. “Our component is processed without metals and is highly controllable – making the e-cigarette much less harmful to health. Moreover, the technology offers improved energy efficiency and thus a longer battery life while producing more vapor and ensuring constant pleasure from the first puff to the last.”

In October 2019, the Vaping Technologies department moved to modern premises in central Hamburg. “We have established new work concepts for greater flexibility, speed and creativity and are using a healthy mix of agile methods. We offer our employees a modern environment and free rein to explore their own creativity in our laboratories, develop prototypes and realize innovative ideas. Our premises have spaces for brainstorming and breakout sessions, meeting rooms as well as a Maker’s Lab for rapid prototyping and a digital Impulse Lab,” says René Schmidt, Head of Vaping Technologies. “Our goal is to develop new and enhanced e-cigarette technologies for specific end products in partnership with our customers and successfully launch them onto the global markets.”