Hauni launches straw maker on the market

With increasing bans on disposable plastic products worldwide, the demand for alternatives to plastic drinking straws, e.g. paper drinking straws, is also growing.

As an innovative machine builder, Hauni has modified a series machine for the production of paper drinking straws and developed the highly efficient Hauni Straw Maker (HSM). Notable partners from the drinking straw industry are enthusiastic about the machine and have already entered into cooperation agreements with Hauni.  

The annual consumption of straws is estimated at around 500 billion - a huge market. However, bans on plastics are on the rise worldwide, including in the EU from 01.01.2021. Then disposable products made of plastic such as balloon rods, disposable plates and cutlery, stirring rods and straws made of plastic will be banned.

The industry is preparing for these bans. Supermarkets, fast food chains and restaurants are looking for alternatives to plastic straws. One option is the paper drinking straw.

As an innovative mechanical engineering company that is also exploring its possibilities in new markets, Hauni has developed the Hauni Straw Maker, which has a speed of up to 200 metres per minute, a high degree of automation, low production costs per straw due to material savings and a proven quality of our machines over many years.

More details can be found here: www.paper-straw-maker.com