Living excellence

Heiko Habedank joined the Hauni Group two years ago and is responsible for the H.Excellence program.

The H.Excellence Central Team at Hauni Group (from left): Christian Ruge, Sören Nowak, Annika Rössel, Alexander Schmidt, Heiko Habedank and Henning Bendfeldt.



The Hauni Group needs to promote continuous improvement in the areas of quality, order processing times, punctuality and quality.


The Hauni Group has been committed to continuously and dynamically improving all its processes and systems through a variety of activities for many years. These have now been consolidated under the name Hauni Group Excellence, or H.Excellence for short. The program replaces Hauni’s previous CIP strategies and will expand and further develop its previous activities.

Why does the Hauni Group need a program like H.Excellence?

Heiko Habedank: Because the advice we give our customers applies to us as well: continuous improvement is extremely important, especially in challenging times. Our goal is to change the processes that do not work well and continuously optimize those that do. In short: everything that is generally understood as Operational Excellence or OPEX. To be successful, we must examine existing processes critically, improve them and adapt them to future requirements. This is the essence of H.Excellence.

New name, new goals? How does H.Excellence change the focus of the Hauni Group’s previous efforts relating to operational excellence?

Habedank: We’re certainly not changing everything. We’re still clearly focused on achieving continuous improvements in the four key areas: quality, lead time, on-time delivery and productivity. We will retain everything we have successfully built up over recent years – including our dedicated team of lean experts and practitioners, and many improvement projects.

The operational excellence initiative K.Excellence was launched in March 2019. It aims to introduce efficient, streamlined processes throughout our parent company, the Körber Group. We have taken advantage of this initiative, firstly to exchange more detailed information on this issue with our partners within the Group and, secondly, to profit from each other’s experiences.

In addition, we’re working to anchor the ethos of operational excellence more broadly and deeply in all divisions of Hauni. This is why, alongside our continuous improvement measures on the shop floor, we are also looking at similar projects in indirect areas, such as finance, facility management, R&D, service and IT. These efforts have generated several successes over recent months, such as improvement projects in the areas of invoice processing and layout.

What are you currently working on within the framework of H.Excellence?

Habedank: As well as supporting the CIP organization and various other improvement projects, our focus this year is on training. We are convinced that lean transformation is only achievable if our managers and employees receive regular training over the long term.

Our e-learning and practice-oriented training courses, together with the application of methods at the workplace, provide a compact and effective program for achieving this goal. All lean training courses relate to a specific problem – they are not just theoretical but always deal with a concrete problem so the knowledge gained can be applied directly in the real world. During the COVID-19 crisis, we have added further training videos to our range of training courses. These offer further professional development opportunities that our employees can use in their home office or when working on the move.