Consulting by Hauni

With its comprehensive range of consulting services, Hauni aims to OPTIMIZE THE ENTIRE PRODUCTION PROCESS. As a key player in the tobacco industry, Hauni’s advice is based on its large network and unique position within the sector.

Consulting by Hauni combines unrivalled knowledge in the fields of tobacco processing, cigarette and cigar manufacturing, filter production, logistics, automation and digital tools. Hauni is thus one of the few partners in the tobacco industry that offers solutions for every area of tobacco processing and cigarette manufacturing.


No abstract concepts


"Our approach is not about abstract concepts but understanding our customers and their individual challenges, strategies and philosophies," explains Marco Castro, Head of Hauni Consulting. "This enables us to provide active support and help them to achieve their goals with customized concepts tailored to their unique situations." In order to find useful, cost-efficient solutions that are ready for immediate use, Hauni Consulting takes an integrative approach in which the consultants work together with the customer to develop solutions.

"We speak the same language as our customers and have a deep understanding of their requirements. As a result, we can develop projects and implementation techniques that meet 100 percent of their needs," says Castro. "We focus on helping customers to express their aspirations through critical aspects of the process, such as machinery, personnel or process parameters. We collect this input together with the customer during audits, workshops and data analyses. We then use it to create customized optimization projects for their factories, products, tobacco and processes."


Achieve full production potential


Every consultation aims to help customers to achieve their full production potential. Consulting by Hauni draws on the many distinctive and complementary competencies available within the Hauni Group. The process inspires new ideas and creates fertile ground for customer- and situation-specific solutions. Data acquisition is the basis for optimizing production processes. "Most of our customers already collect plenty of data. One of our most important tasks is to turn this data into added value," explains Timo Semler, Process Principle Consultant. "Unlike management consultancies or solution and platform providers, we offer consulting services from within the unique environment of the tobacco industry – with more than seven decades of knowledge about the sector, its machines, processes and products. So we can offer the optimum combination of statistical tools and tobacco expertise for correlating the relevant data."Just as there is not always a need for new data, so it is not always necessary to buy new, more efficient machines in order to optimize a production line. The focus is usually on maximizing the potential of existing equipment and understanding the impact of interactions between equipment, processes and tobacco varieties on the final product. Another aspect of Hauni’s approach is therefore to study the processes into which the machines have been integrated, e.g. optimizing workflows between the lines or retro fitting machines with state-of-the-art technology.


Save time and money


Marco Castro is confident that Consulting by Hauni pays dividends for customers in several ways. "They not only save time and money by optimizing products and processes. They also benefit from the know-how transfer and process guidance offered by our consultants. Moreover, cost sharing, risk sharing and sales on performance help to minimize project risk – as do the data proven upgrades we use to demonstrate the performance of the project before our customers spend any money."As Semler explains, a demand-driven consulting strategy which helps customers to identify weaknesses and optimize their production processes to match their strategies significantly accelerates problem solving and the optimization process. "Detailed know-how of all the processes, their interactions, limits, machinery and raw materials is being lost. Bringing this knowledge into your company through a partner with a deep understanding of production processes in the tobacco industry accelerates problem solving and the implementation of optimization projects. It also protects you against time-consuming, expensive and failed experiments."