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This edition of the English-language magazine primarily focuses on revolutionary developments - from revolutions at Hauni, to those outside the industry, to musical revolutions. Smoke On The Water, a great song, with an even more memorable gitarre riff. In 1972, Ritchie Blackmore revolutionized the newly emerging hardrock genre within a very short period of time with this song. Accompanied by: his electric guitar. Now, some 50 years later, a similar revolutionary change is about to occur in the cigarette market, too. The e-cigarette and the THP portfolio associated with it herald a significant change in the tobacco industry. The latest edition of HiLiTE therefore showcases the Hauni Group's expertise in the new sector and sheds light on the competencies of Primary, Secondary and Logistics Components in this area. In addition, the magazine contains lots of interesting articles about our worldwide locations, customers and innovations. We hope you enjoy reading the latest issue.

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