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The filter rod feed system FILTROMAT-SR is used for pneumatic conveying of round acetate filter rods towards one or more filter rod receiving stations. After many years of dependable filter feed, you may find that your unit has started to show signs of mechanical wear. Usually the filter feed unit and the electrical system are effected. Occasional breakdowns may interrupt production on the entire line. 


Reach new reliability levels with a rebuild:

  • Lowest compressed air consumption for pneumatic feeders.
  • New integrated switch cabinet (no overhead cable duct / no cables between machine and switch cabinet).
  • Operation /visualization and parameter entry via colour touch panel.
  • Frequency controlled main drive (adjustable overall feed rate).
  • Increased throuput from 1,250 to 1,500 filters / min per feed unit to cover production peaks.
  • Individual, separately adjustabele compressed air supplies.
  • Noise-reducing sealing element.
  • Increased uptime, optimized operating and production performance.
  • For FILTROMAT-S: replacement of mechanical feed drum clutch  by electrical clutch.

Technical data:

  • Number of sending stations:
    – Max. 10.
  • Throughput per sender station (standard):
    – Filter rod length 150 mm, conveying length 40 to 300 m
    > 1,250 rods / min.
  • Throughput per sender station (to cover production peaks):
    – Filter rod length 150 mm, conveying length 40 to 300 m
    > 1,500 rods / min.
  • Filter rod material:
    – Acetate filter rods (without abrasive contents i.e. charcoal).
  • Filter rod dimensions:
    – Diameter: 6.0 ... 9.0 mm.
    – Length: 60 ... 150 mm.
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For questions about rebuild
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