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Secondary | 2018/09/10

State of the art

The KDF 2NEO from Hauni is the future-proof successor to the KDF 2 / 2ER – the world's best-selling filter machine.

Secondary | 2018/09/10

The Monte Paz success story

A traditional customer-supplier relationship is turning into something different – a real partnership. It is just one of the positive effects of the GPO projects Hauni Consulting is implementing for cigarette manufacturers around the world.

Secondary | 2018/09/10

The PMI success story

Philip Morris is optimizing its supply processes and freeing up warehouse capacity with VMI+ fully automated spare parts management from Hauni. The IT-based cooperation enjoyed a successful debut and now the follow-up project – Vendor Owned Inventory (VOI) – will serve as a blueprint for the EU

Secondary | 2018/01/24

9 Tobacco trends 2018

From tobacco to filters, from niche products to mass markets, from global to local – which trends will shape the tobacco industry over the coming months? The world’s largest supplier to the sector offers its assessment.

Secondary | 2017/07/18


Almost no other area of the tobacco industry is growing as dynamically as “heat-not-burn” – a sector in which Hauni can draw on more than three decades of experience.

Secondary | 2017/03/13

A new arrival at FLEXPORT

The latest addition to the FLEXPORT family is the CI module for capsule insertion. The platform now offers a total of four modules for flexible filter design.

Secondary | 2016/02/18

IT security best in class

Today’s machines are closely integrated with company IT SECURITY. As a result, additional security features are now essential to protect equipment against unauthorized access and cyber attacks. Hauni has responded with the new IT Security Package.

Secondary | 2015/09/17

Quality at every stage

Hauni quality is not restricted to the development of outstanding machines and plants with innovative functionalities. The company also provides specialist support services to customers covering the complete life cycle of the machine and all processes in the tobacco industry.

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