Silver-grey machine for processing tobacco and producing cigarettes

The heart of the production

Breathtaking speeds characterize the "Secondary" with its cigarette and filter machines. Hauni sets standards for both and offers technical solutions for each production step that are characterized by outstanding process engineering and quality. Multifilters with four segments or 95% efficiency - no problem for Hauni machines.


A helmet interface for the display of machine data and the link from mechanical to digital based on the AREO software solution.

On-site at any time

At Philip Morris International in Berlin, the AREO module IAS has been in operation for several months - opening a new dimension in support based on real-time data analysis and digital assistance whenever production problems arise.

The optical description of the optimized manufacturing process for recess tubes.

Recess renaissance

The global trend toward tobacco heated products (THP) has dramatically increased the need for an optimized production process for recess tubes. Hauni’s answer: the new KDF 5RT.

The KDF 2NEO: silver-grey machine for cigarette filters.


With the KDF 2NEO, Hauni has launched a future-proof successor to the world's best-selling filter maker – the KDF 2/ 2ER – onto the market.

Processing machines

Individual and innovative

Picture of a wrench on a red background representing the product line of cigarette machines. Cigarette makers

Bringing together what belongs together

PROTOS cigarette makers are a synonym for state-of-the-art engineering and set the global benchmark with their pioneering technology. Cigarette makers form tobacco into a long rod, wrap it in paper, and glue the seam. Knives cut this “endless cigarette” to the required length. The filter is then attached and wrapped with a paper mouthpiece to produce a “double cigarette” joined at the filter. Special lasers produce the desired row of perforations in the filter and tobacco recovery solutions ensure that as much of this precious raw material is utilized as possible.


  • NANO



  • DWR+
Screws of a machine on a red background symbolising the filter machine category. Filter makers

Full diversity for innovative products

90 percent of smokers buy filter cigarettes. Markets are demanding innovative products and production processes to match. The aim is always to create a distinctive filter with very specific characteristics. From standard filters to special products, such as capsule or hollow filters, Hauni filter makers overcome every challenge with maximum automation, outstanding quality, and excellent flexibility. For example, a brand change can be performed in less than five minutes and the cigarette length can be changed in around 20 minutes.


  • KDF
  • AF-KDF


A mechanical drum with cigarettes on a red background symbolising the filter combiner category. Filter combiners

Customized combinations – no limits

For double or multiple filters – Hauni multifilter makers combine a number of different segments with the highest precision to create customized filter solutions. During the production of multifilters, which are combined using different base filters, a fully automatic reservoir system ensures that the right components are always fed to the multifilter makers. The filter combiners are designed for flexibility and can be adapted quickly and easily to new product specifications with diameters from king size to super slim. As a result, they are suitable for applications in series production as well as for testing in research and development work.


  • KDF MF


Smart and reliable

Paper supply

Picture of a machine for paper supply to filter and cigarette machines.
Picture of a machine for paper supply to filter and cigarette machines.

Always enough on the roll

Without paper, no cigarette. Four to six kilometre long strips of paper are wound onto large paper rolls, the so-called bobbins. That sounds like a lot but it's enough for only 15 minutes of production time. After which, the rolls are changed automatically. Hauni systems ensure that paper is supplied continuously, safely, and reliably.


Pneumatic filter feed

Picture of a filter station machine.
Picture of a filter station machine.

Filter, filter, filter

Speed and reliability are also key with filters. Hauni's filter stations can be equipped with up to ten modules simultaneously – and every module shoots up to 2,500 filters per minute using compressed air. The pneumatic, practically wear-free machines set standards in other regards as well. For example, they clean themselves automatically: filters in the area around the filter feed drum are removed automatically and the machine restarts itself after a fault.


Massflow conveying

Picture of a conveyor system for filters and cigarettes.
Picture of a conveyor system for filters and cigarettes.

Perfect connection

20,000 cigarettes per minute makes 1.2 million per hour makes more than 8 million cigarettes per shift – the Secondary must be capable of dealing with these extraordinary quantities. Hauni's conveying systems ensure a perfect connection from one production step to the next. All the while, handling the products very gently. Moreover, the machinery is extremely reliable, flexible, and can easily deal with cigarettes and filters of different sizes.


Massflow reservoir

Picture of a storage system to regulate the production flow.
Picture of a storage system to regulate the production flow.

We keep things flowing

Freshly produced cigarettes or filters cannot always immediately be processed further. If, for instance, there are fluctuations in production, there may be an “excess supply” of filters. Or cigarettes. Or both. This is where our reservoirs come into play: they can buffer up to 200,000 filters and temporarily store cigarettes for up to 14 minutes. They enable us to regulate the product flow and ensure greater effectiveness.


Tray handling

Picture of a machine that loads and unloads filters and cigarettes in trays.
Picture of a machine that loads and unloads filters and cigarettes in trays.

Loading and unloading required

What happens to the finished products that shoot from the machine in huge quantities? They can be buffered and cached in open trays. The trays are loaded and unloaded at breathtaking speed. Hauni has machines that can change the trays four times a minute – there is space for 4,000 cigarettes in one tray. Despite this speed, the cigarettes are handled gently and the processes are flexible and reliable.


High-bay tray storage

The big solution

For cigarettes and filters that are finished but have not yet been packed, and are to be stored temporarily in trays, Hauni has developed a fully automated high-bay store. At any given moment, the system and operator know exactly how many cigarettes and filters of which brand are currently in the store. The store creates a buffer that is entirely decoupled from filter and cigarette production. All of this increases productivity and flexibility.


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