Biodegradable filters

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Building solutions for the future - Together

To promote the global industry's necessity to shift from acetate filters to eco-friendly alternatives, we partner with our customers in research and development to ensure your products remain consistent. Together we implement change for positive impact – through a future-oriented solutions platform, also for the installed machine base.

Go eco-friendly with Hauni

For you, there is opportunity in new environmental protection measures, starting with biodegradable filters. We have the machinery to jump start your new way of filter production - Environmentally friendly.

We are a proven partner in the tobacco industry, working closely together with our customers for over 75 years.

The tobacco industry is facing new environmental regulations related to traditional filters - we are the perfect partners to help you co-develop state-of-the-art solutions and adapt your products to new, more sustainable ways. Cigarette butt litter is an environmental burden throughout global landscapes. According to National Geographic, approximately 4,3 trillion cigarettes are thrown away every year, leaking toxins into soil, making it one of the most littered items on earth. To reduce this burden and comply with the new industry regulations, we push for change!

National Geographic

Together with our customers, we develop tailor-made solutions to meet new industry requirements

Be part of the change

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We develop filters to meet environment protection requirements.

We are committed to the environment. Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions that are effective in meeting both industry and environmental requirements.



Our sustainable solutions deliver value to your company

Eco-friendly filter solutions


We have teamed up with reputable material manufacturers and offer suitable solutions for paper, nonwoven and special filters. We are ready to test materials to meet your and your customers expectation.

Eco-friendly filter solutions

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One machine to rule them all!

Every type of biodegradable filter is developed in conjunction with our customers. Ensuring a consistent consumer experience as with traditional acetate filters.

Technical facts


500 m/min


(Waste) >=90 %*, (<=1.5%*)

Special filters

Capsule, Flavour, Granules, Liquids


Weight: 26-150 g/sqm, Width: 50-300 mm, Bobbin: 400-1500 mm* (diameter)


Benefits for addressing change with Hauni

Fully automated splicing with market available materials

Support for other materials

Based on proven technologies

Retrofittable to existing machines

Performance comparable to standard filter machines

Ensuring trouble-free further processing of the filters in the production process


Delivering solutions for a better tomorrow

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