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After the success of our last hilite webinar event, we will be continuing our series on the 14th & 21st of June 2022. Passion. Precision. Performance. Our motto represents our commitment to our partners as a market and technology leader. The new challenges facing the tobacco industry have prompted us to reflect and define our future areas of activity. Providing our customers with the best machinery, services and digital products for the sustainability of their business is always our main goal! In this webinar, we will present new and integrated solutions for all areas of a factory that are designed to tackle common challenges faced by the industry and to simplify and improve our customers' daily production.

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21 June 2022

Presented topics

According to our Passion. Precision. Performance. motto, our aim is to always provide our customers with the best solutions for the various challenges they face and to stand by them as a trustworthy and reliable partner in each and every situation.

The greatest optimization potential for customers is no longer found in individual products, but in a functioning ecosystem. So, in this webinar we will present new and integrated solutions that pave the way for next-level manufacturing. Because our mutual success is achieved by working together as partners.

Intended for: Tobacco Industry | Duration ~ 1.5 hours | Platform: Zoom

Each of the following topics will be presented in 7-minute segments.

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How to start your Factory of Excellence

How to start your Factory of Excellence: turning ideas into reality

The success of the Factory for Excellence very much depends on a successful start.

Ideally, the current situation is recorded, analyzed and entrepreneurial goals are specified together with you and a network of experienced partners. Based on this information, possible starting points can be identified and a concrete implementation plan can be developed. In this webinar, we will present how our process is structured in order to develop the optimum individual path for your factory's transformation.



Modular THP maker

Modular THP maker: also able to do bio

Tobacco heating products (THPs) have to become more eco-friendly. Our flexible portfolio is an essential foundation for this purpose.

Whether conventional cigarettes or THPs, the issue of sustainability is also gaining in importance within the tobacco industry. For example, in the filter sector, the trend is moving away from cellulose acetate towards biodegradable materials. Biodegradable means that the filters decompose naturally over time. Developing and manufacturing sustainable products like these is a demanding task: environmental regulations have to be met and consumer tastes need to be catered for. But don't worry, with our flexible portfolio for biodegradable products, we are the right partner to support you in this quest.



Subassembly exchange program

Subassembly exchange program: save an average of 60% of subassembly replacement costs


Keeping complex subassemblies in stock ties up capital for procurement as well as provisions for scrap replacements. Also, the manpower and downtime required to repair subassemblies during maintenance jobs is usually substantial and therefore has a negative impact on production performance.



With a comprehensive pool of perfectly maintained replacement subassemblies, our subassembly replacement program guarantees one hundred percent parts availability and even takes over scrap replacement in cases where subassemblies can no longer be repaired cost-effectively. Furthermore, operating costs are much lower than stocking them yourself and maintenance downtime can be reduced significantly by using replacement subassemblies.



You only pay if we deliver

You only pay if we deliver: KPI driven maintenance


KPI-driven maintenance takes maintenance to the next level. With these advanced services, you only pay if jointly defined KPIs are achieved. If the machines fail to meet their target values, the service costs nothing. And the best part is that the whole process can be implemented in only three weeks with immediate, measurable results.

So how does this work? We are responsible on site during ongoing operations, continuously recording all the relevant KPIs and evaluating them in real time. In order to be able to react to target deviations in machine performance at any time, we keep the required wearing parts on hand, monitor machine settings and carry out all the necessary "maintenance pit stops". Conventional maintenance intervals with long machine downtimes are therefore a thing of the past.


Bundled competencies

Bundled competencies: Logistics for the entire supply chain


In the tobacco industry, logistics always implies very specific requirements in terms of the production of tobacco products as well as procurement, production and distribution logistics. Together with experts from the Körber Supply Chain, we are now able to offer companies in the tobacco industry integrated solutions for their entire ecosystem from a single source.

Through cooperation with the Körber Supply Chain, our ecosystem partner in the areas of logistics and the supply chain, we have collaboratively pooled our expertise and created a seamless, integrated system for our customers.
Our new portfolio includes ready-to-use hardware and software solutions for the entire supply chain, from the supplier to the end customer. In this webinar you will learn how our new E2E solution can take your entire supply chain to the next level!



MyPORTAL: boost your productivity by at least 20% with our customer portal

An important part of our ecosystem are digital solutions that allow you to work faster, easier and more independently. Digital solutions that provide up-to-date information clearly structured in one place.

The good news is that we already offer such a solution: myPortal, our free customer portal.

MyPortal allows our customers to collaborate with our Hauni experts in a swift, secure and uncomplicated manner. By using myPortal, our customers can save significant time and money every day. Want to know how myPortal can help you boost your productivity?

In this webinar, our customer portal expert reveals how you and your team can use myPortal to make your daily work more efficient and enjoyable. The seminar is for myPortal beginners as well as experienced users.



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