Interactive 3D Training for Machine Operators and Technicians

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Improve Machine Efficiency and Product Quality

Highly trained and motivated employees can improve machine efficiency and product quality a lot. With Hauni Digital Academy, technicians and operators can gain a complete understanding of the machine. Procedures are shown on interactive 3D models and explained step-by-step.

Targeted Training

Counteract specific problems on the shop floor by deploying the right training throughout your organization.

Measure and Manage

Keep track of your staff's skill level and deploy the right people to the right tasks.

A Modern Way of Teaching

Interactive 3D lessons that can be used without halting production.

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Training On Demand

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Distribute Know-How

Experts can't be everywhere all the time. However, they can always share their knowledge with everyone through this app. Users can keep notes including pictures and videos, so that expert tips are available across organizational borders and are independent of individual people. Over time, they grow to an interactive knowledge database.

The training you need – whenever, wherever

Unlike traditional on-site training, Digital Academy is always within reach. Users can prepare for difficult procedures or brush up on sections that they haven’t worked on in a while. They can also simply expand their knowledge and reach their goals for personal growth.

We’re satisfied and impressed with Digital Academy. We find this tool very useful especially in training new mechanics/electronics but also for personnel who works on the machine every day.

Bartosz Henszke

Planning Preventive Maintenance Specialist at Imperial Tobacco Polska S.A.

Ercan Acik

Product Management Training

+49 40 7250 2191

Digital Academy

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