Co-creating Industry 4.0

The Hauni Group, together with its parent company Körber, has embraced digital transformation as a clear strategic goal and as an important part of its overall strategy for a long time now. We support it both internally as well as for our customers in the tobacco business and in other industries.

Key benefits of digitalization

Videocast: hilite webinar 02/21

Dr. Daniel Zamberlan (Executive Vice President Digital) on Hauni Digital

Our approach: integrated

Faster results by connecting people, processes and machines

Our advantage: fast

Because we know your processes

Success stories

"These digital services and smart software solutions offer significant benefits, such as real-time global information, greater operational management flexibility and reduced downtime."

Process Control & Digital Technology Director at JTI on d.operations

"After the d.revamp solution was commissioned, the number of batches that could be produced on the exact same line in the same time increased by 30 (thirty!) %"

Kodis customer: non-tobacco, Fortune 500

"BAT in Sacheon, Korea, is currently gaining a glimpse into the future of process optimization in tobacco processing – d.digitaltwin (former PROM) from Hauni promises considerable savings. Savings of EUR 1.7 million per year a

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Delivering the best system for your digital vision

Our methodology: goal-oriented


Every strategic initiative is connected to and measured by at least 1 management KPI


Every management KPI is relevant to at least 1 user story


Every user story can be optimized using at least 1 solution from Hauni

User stories

User stories describe processes and interactions involving people, machines and processes

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Turn data into value to boost your assets



Give power to the people



Improve manufacturing process performance