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Secondary | 2010/12/08

Living up to its promise.

Now out of its infancy, filter rod maker TURMALIN has been undergoing field tests since the spring. Hauni reckons chances are good that cigarettes with TURMALIN-made filters will soon be appearing on the market. What’s been happening in the marketplace and on the machine in the two years since its ...more

Services | 2010/12/03

Optimising the supply chain.

Hauni’s new Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system helps minimise purchase costs and streamline order processing, freeing up capacity for other more important jobs. VMI also gives the manufacturing process a far greater degree of dependability as your OEM supplier works with you to optimise ...more

Services | 2010/12/03

A new angle.

The first new tray handling systems are in operation and impressing customers with their flexibility, reliability and gentle treatment of filters and cigarettes. ...more

Services | 2010/10/04

Garniture for AF-KDF with new coating.

At Hauni, the term Premium Parts is synonymous with top quality for the toughest demands. One of those Premium Parts is our new garniture for AF-KDF. ...more

Secondary | 2010/08/19

100% multifilter making – 100% MERLIN.

MERLIN, the unique and pioneering multifilter maker, successfully launched in 2008, has passed another customer qualification test with flying colors. ...more

Services | 2010/07/22

Hauni Premium Parts.

The latest manufacturing methods and newest material. Top quality, optimum function and extremely low wear characteristics. 100% proven quality of carbide, ceramic and powder steel parts leading to increased lifetime, lower maintenance costs and improved ROI. ...more

Consulting | 2010/07/19

CPMS product portfolio.

The Cigarette Production Management System (CPMS) supports the production process of customers all over the production area. ...more

Company | 2010/02/08

Acquisition of SODIM SAS.

Hauni Maschinenbau AG acquires SODIM SAS in France from Imperial Tobacco Group PLC, the former owner of SODIM SAS. ...more

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