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Secondary | 2014/01/20

It is so cool!

The thermal imaging camera proves: water-cooled M-Generation machines release significantly less heat into production halls than standard makers. Not only does this cut carbon emissions, it also reduces costs. ...more

Company | 2013/11/28

SODISCAN-MWS: Ensuring the quality of your capsule cigarettes and filter rods

SODISCAN-MWS is a high-quality monitoring system for the capsule filter market designed to ensure the quality of our customers’ capsule filters. The measuring instrument is used to check whether the flavor capsules are correctly positioned, absent, cracked or empty. ...more

Company | 2013/11/28

HiLiTE 2/2013 has been published

HiLiTE is a magazine specially created for our customers all around the world. Our latest edition has been published with the central theme “exploring new horizons”: ...more

Company | 2013/08/19

Borgwaldt joins the Hauni family

The acquisition of the Borgwaldt group not only supplements Hauni’s portfolio of offline measurement and analysis systems. The company also gains expertise in the area of flavorings. ...more

Primary | 2013/06/05

NTRM removal: fast, gentle and reliable

TOBACCOSORTER 8 adds yet another highlight to Hauni’s range of integrated sorters, boasting high efficiency figures besides being extremely economical to run. ...more

Services | 2013/01/09

We want your TIP!

Hauni’s Technical Improvement Program (TIP) consists of a range of retrofits for existing Primary and Secondary machinery and is based on the company’s technical innovations. now, Hauni is hoping for even more customer input to help develop new TIPs. ...more

Secondary | 2012/11/27

360° revolutionary vision

The innovative Optical Cigarette Inspection System (OCIS) from Hauni enables manufacturers to inspect each and every cigarette seamlessly for optical quality at the end of the production process. This new global innovation has already been tested in Japan. ...more

Company | 2012/11/16

HiLiTE 2/2012 has been published

Quality first takes the spotlight in the latest edition of our magazine, HiLiTE. Read about the innovative Optical Cigarette Inspection System (OCIS) which detects optical and geometrical faults on cigarettes at the end of the production process and ejects any products that aren't perfect. ...more

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