Your first insight into professional life - the internship

We offer pupils and students the opportunity to take an internship with us. Whether you’re looking to gain your first insights into working life or apply knowledge from your degree in a practical setting – we have the right position for you!

I was allowed to take responsibility from the beginning and contribute my ideas to the various projects. Hauni has given me a fascinating insight into professional life.


University intern

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Internships for schools

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Internships for schools

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We give you the opportunity to learn about the following occupations in more detail:

  • Industrial (mechatronics technician, cutting machine operator, industrial mechanic) 
  • Technical (technical product designer) 
  • Commercial (industrial clerk) 

Our internships for schools generally last between one and three weeks and are available all year round. After receiving thorough instruction in a specific field of work, you will be able to contribute to the work of the department where you are employed. 

At the end of the internship, you will receive an assessment as well as a confirmation of participation. We accept online applications from June to September for internships in the following year.


Mandatory internships

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Mandatory internships

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As a registered student, you can complete a mandatory internship at Hauni if this is a compulsory part of your degree course. In addition, we offer opportunities for students to complete bachelor's or master's theses in various departments of our company. 

Curious? Then apply online by sending us the following documents:

  • Covering letter
  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Copy of school diploma certificate (e.g. A-Level) 
  • Certificate of university enrolment 
  • Certificate from your university with your current grades 
  • The relevant section of your degree course regulations that stipulates a mandatory internship

Exciting and future-oriented


Our tips for you!

  1. Find your way!

    Your first job will probably not be your last. But it will shape you like no other. We are well aware of this responsibility and will give you particular attention.

  2. Be more …

    Technical qualifications are important, but not everything. You are more than a small wheel in a large machine so we put a special emphasis on the development of your personality.

  3. Become a part of Hauni …

    Working respectfully with and for each other is the ideal basis for ensuring good cooperation and outstanding performance. Always remember that you, too, shape our corporate culture.

  4. Take advantage of our experience …

    With us you can learn from over 100 training officers who will be there for you at any time and happy to answer your questions.

  5. Discover the possibilities ...

    To develop your skills to the maximum, you need at least two things above all: freedom and recognition. With us you get both.

  6. Trust us …

    We would like to be your point of contact whatever your questions. That’s why our door is always open and we are pleased to take time for you.

  7. Be curious …

    We are successful because we are demanding. But no one demands that you know everything. We just want you to be curious and eager to learn.

  8. You’re allowed to make mistakes …

    We offer you a supportive learning environment where you will be encouraged and challenged. Mistakes are part of the learning process – so when you make them, learn from them.

  9. Shape your future …

    Digitization is making the labour market more exciting than ever before. We will prepare you for the workplace of tomorrow – with targeted training courses and opportunities to make your own decisions.

  10. Take your chance!

    Your potential is much more important to us than your school exam grades or background. Take your chance and send us your application so we can get to know each other.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I do an internship at Hauni?

We offer apprenticeships and dual study programmes for the following professions:

• School internships

• Mandatory internships for university students:

          - Preliminary technical internship
         - Main internship

We only offer internships to university students if they are identified as a mandatory part of their degree curriculum.

In addition to internships, we offer students the opportunity to write their bachelor's or master's thesis with us.

How do I apply for an internship?

First, we need all the usual documentation: please upload your completed application to our online job market – including the degree curriculum that identifies the mandatory internship or the section that states the time allowed for the production of your bachelor's or master's thesis, a current university enrolment certificate, and a record of your achievements.

Your contact in the department will then review your documents and invite you to an interview, if necessary. Here, we will spend an hour getting to know you. And, of course, you will also have the opportunity to get to know us and ask us questions. If we think we could have a long-term future together, we will call you shortly after the interview. And hope that you share this feeling.

What is the deadline for internship applications?

Applications for school internships can be submitted for the following year from 1 June. In other words, if you would like to apply for a school internship in 2020, you can do so from 01.06.2019.

There are no fixed application deadlines for mandatory university internships. Just search our online job market to find a position that appeals to you and send us your application.

Does Hauni pay interns?

Interns who are still at school are not entitled to compensation.

Undergraduate students and those completing mandatory internships are paid € 750 gross per month. If you are writing your master’s thesis with us, you will receive € 800 gross.

How will I be supervised during my internship?

You will always have a permanent contact in the department where you are doing your internship.

In addition, university interns are supervised in organizational matters by Stina Voß. She is always available to answer your questions.

Will I receive feedback during my internship?

We believe it is always extremely important for there to be feedback in both directions. But apart from that, as a university intern, you will have feedback sessions at the beginning, after one month, and at the end of your internship.

As a school intern, you will have a feedback session at the end of your internship and receive an assessment from us.