Your final qualification is often just the beginning

There’s no better place to start your professional life than Hauni. Or to finish it. Training is not about gaining a qualification. At least, that’s only part of a bigger picture. The higher aim is to give yourself the best possible preparation for the requirements of the labour market. You need drive but also the desire to learn – ideally from the best. Just look how many exciting skilled professions you can learn with Hauni – apply now!

Your training opportunities

The perfect start

The practical phase begins with an experience-based, educational field trip lasting one week. This lays the foundation for our partnership. You will then gather a wide range of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills relevant to your apprenticeship or degree curriculum. And, as you would expect from us, a lot of practical experience as well.

Your Support

During practical phases in the company, supervisors will support you in achieving your learning goals. They will assess and discuss your professional, personal and social skills with you and provide feedback. Together, you will then decide which roles you will take on during the next practical phases.

Your Prospects

After successfully completing your apprenticeship or degree with us, your career will be ready for lift-off. Either with a position in full-time work – or studying for a master’s degree if you are a bachelor’s degree student and apply for further in-house funding.

Your first point of contact

Silke Busch

Training services

+49 40 72 50-2570

Nicole Körner

Training services assistant

+49 40 7250-2821

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