Technical Designer Electric

Thomas Pehlgrim,
Universelle Engineering U.N.I. GmbH,
Schwarzenbek (Germany)

My field of responsibilities:
I am responsible for constructing the electrical hardware, that is to say the switching cabinets, in our machines. In this conjunction I work not just on new developments, but also on the further development of existing models.

My working day:
In my field of responsibilities I work closely together with the mechanical construction team as well as with software construction specialists. This is because everything has to fit together when a machine is developed. For example, my colleagues on the mechanical construction side define the dimensions of the switching cabinet in which I install the electrical hardware. I also work with a 3-D software program that depicts the integration of the switching cabinets in the machine, as well as with a 2-D software program that I use to create the circuit diagrams. Here I then need to work together with software construction specialists to ensure that the hardware is also right for the programming. Once the construction work has been completed, I oversee the assembly of prototypes and make my in-depth expertise available to the technical editors who are responsible for compiling the operating manuals. Later, within the framework of the series production, I am also able to answer any technical questions brought by the assembly team.

My path to Universelle:
I originally trained as an electrical fitter. A few years later I completed a two-year course to qualify as a certified technician. I joined Universelle in April 1992. One of the factors which originally attracted me was the fact that the company was still very young and at the beginning of its development. Here I have already been able to gather a wide range of experiences in a variety of different departments, including in the electrical workshop, on the commissioning side or in the SAP team. I have worked on in the field of electrical technical design since 2000.

Why Universelle?
I like working for Universelle because the atmosphere in this relatively small, but nevertheless extremely international company is so great. I particularly value the fact that I have always been able to work very independently all these years. In my view, this is one of the key ingredients for our company’s success.

For questions about the company
Tel.: +49 40 / 72 50-01

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