Production Mechanic (specialized in milling)

Bernd Noetzel,
Baltic Metalltechnik GmbH,
Hamburg (Germany)

My field of responsibilities:
In my capacity as a production mechanic, I use a range of special production machines to produce high-precision components for cigarette and filter machines. My employer, Baltic Metalltechnik GmbH, is the Körber Business Area’s Tobacco production specialist.

My working day:
The main focus of my work is the manufacture of highly-complex metal components using a range of special production machinery. Raw materials go through several processing stages, e.g. grinding, turning and milling. Production requires good knowledge of the materials, of the machines, the clamping techniques, the tools and the control software. I work directly together with tool service and work preparation specialists in order to prepare and improve the production process. Following this I conduct quality checks on the manufacturing specifications and also collaborate directly with the quality assurance team. In addition I have for many years been the contact individual for trainees in our department.

My path to Baltic:
I first trained as a universal miller at Airbus in Hamburg. I had contacts with Hauni even during the course of my training, as this was where one of my journeyman’s examinations was held. I have now worked for the Körber Group’s Tobacco Division since 1984. Firstly at Hauni, and since 2004 at Baltic Metall. This has enabled me to familiarize myself with very different machines and control systems.

Why Baltic?
Manufacturing for the Business Area Tobacco has a long, highly successful tradition at the company’s headquarters in Hamburg-Bergedorf. And people have always found great jobs here. I am proud to say that I work for Baltic.

For questions about the company
Tel.: +49 40 / 72 50-01

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