Head of Advanced Purchasing

Jörg Härtel,
Hauni Maschinenbau GmbH,
Hamburg (Germany)

My field of responsibilities:
As Head of Advanced Purchasing I supervise the development of new technologies and products together with my co-workers on the purchasing side. Because a large proportion of the ultimate procurement costs and consequently the manufacturing costs of a product are defined at the concept phase, we help R&D select qualified suppliers as well as high-quality and simultaneously cost-effective components right from the outset of the product development process. As the interface to the procurement market, we make supplier know-how available to the company from the earliest possible stage.

My working day:
In my field of responsibilities I work closely together with internal as well as external contact individuals. At the internal level my co-workers and I oversee development projects as a sort of “business management conscience” and as experts for the procurement market. Here we focus on achieving the target costs for the future procurement volumes of our new products. Communications and process management are key aspects of my day-to-day work. I hold regular meetings with colleagues from a wide variety of functions within our company in order to jointly coordinate project targets and procedures. At the external level the objective is to select the right suppliers for the development work itself, as well as for the later series production. For this purpose my team and I analyze not merely the international market, selecting suitable suppliers following consultation with our goods group management, but also audition these during visits to their production facilities on the ground.

My path to Hauni:
Before joining Hauni in 2006, I had already built up the advanced purchasing unit of a major German automobile manufacturer in northern Germany. After training as an electrical and electronics installer, and qualifying as a master electrical engineer, I then completed a technical business administration course.

Why Hauni?
What attracted me to Hauni were the company’s high development intensity and the technological aspirations of a global market leader. For my position this means I am able to oversee exciting development projects during very different phases and technical fields with my know-how from the advance purchasing field. This gives rise to a steady stream of new and stimulating challenges.

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Tel.: +49 40 / 72 50-01

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