Five values that are important to us

Why values? Because it is hard to find the right way without an internal compass. Hauni has committed itself to upholding five values which give us confidence and help us to navigate. They enable us to measure our own behaviour and be measured by others. Our values describe our standards, our attitudes, and our spirit. They help us to achieve the optimum benefit for our customers and long-term business success. They help us to shape the future. They have become part of our lives.

1. Customer satisfaction

We understand our customers. We know their individual and subjective requirements of us, our products, and our services. We help them to develop new products, to optimize production processes and access new markets. In short: we do a lot to create satisfied customers. But we want to go a little further – we want to inspire them.

2. Innovation

Every day a new experience, a new insight, a new idea: we continually question existing ideas in order to find better ones. An attentive and curious mindset helps us to develop outstanding innovations for our customers. We keep an eye on quality, technical requirements and costs at all times. After all, we have to find the right balance. And we invest time and energy in building close partnerships. This keeps us at the forefront of our industry.

3. Connecting people and knowledge

Even the best ideas are useless if we do not share them. At Hauni, we create the conditions for people to network, share their knowledge, and exchange ideas openly. We trust each other's skills and performance, and learn from each other. We respect each other when working together. We value diversity in our global teams and use it as a key strength.

4. Responsibility

We accept responsibility every day – for the quality of our products, for our behaviour toward customers and suppliers, for the protection of our environment, for society as a whole. But especially for our employees. Hauni encourages and challenges them. Gives them space to grow and develop. Offers them recognition and trust. Our employees seek out challenges and grow with them.

5. Focus on the Future

Progress and tradition – the foundation stones of our success. Hauni keeps what is good and tested, and redesigns products and ideas that have fallen behind the times. We work directly, with a clear focus and based on a well-defined strategy. This gives us orientation.


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