Sustainability in thought, word and deed

Hauni’s sustainable business practices are helping to secure a better future. For our company, our employees, our customers and partners, our society. We are working to achieve long-term business success while protecting the natural world – upon which our lives depend – for present and future generations. Hauni accepts its responsibility for tomorrow.

As a worldwide technology and innovation leader, we feel obliged to continually promote sustainability strategies.

Dirk H. Kronenberg

Sustainability Manager

Nachhaltige Beschaffung in der Hauni Group

Nachhaltigkeit stellt sich nicht von selbst ein. Deshalb müssen wir als Hauni Group uns um sie bemühen, indem wir konkrete entsprechende Maßnahmen auch in unserem Einkauf umsetzen. Die Richtlinie zur nachhaltigen Beschaffung ist ein Teil dieser Maßnahmen.

Zur Richtlinie

Five areas of action – five opportunities 

Sustainability does not simply occur spontaneously. We have to nurture its ourselves by defining specific goals and implementing suitable measures. Hauni’s sustainability programme incorporates five areas of action: products, employees, environment, society and obligation. We run a wide range of projects and activities in each of these areas.

Clear targets for environmental protection

The fact is that our business processes consume resources, cause emissions and generate waste. But it is also a fact that we are reducing this impact wherever we operate. We use energy and materials efficiently and thus relieve the burden on the environment. Our sustainability programme sets us clear targets and specifies the reductions we want to achieve in energy and water consumption, CO2 emissions, waste products, and paper consumption.

Hauni takes responsibility

Everyone has an important role to play in society – including companies. Four issues are particularly close to our hearts. We promote the protection of the environment and natural resources. We help young people in a variety of ways – particularly those in difficult situations. We support teaching, research and development in the areas of technology and the natural sciences. We promote and participate in local projects.

Only sustainable products are innovative

Hauni develops state-of-the-art products and services that help our customers to be successful in the markets of the future. However, even the most innovative solution is only truly successful if it is also sustainable. Our products seek to save energy and resources. We define specific sustainability goals for every new product that we develop.

We are only as good as our employees

Hauni is proud of its team. Our employees are technically competent, imaginative, motivated, and committed. They understand that change represents a challenge and an opportunity. Indeed, they play an active role in shaping these changes. They are the cornerstone for our sustainable corporate success. That is why we help our employees to make the best possible use of their talents and professional opportunities.

We are committed

We set standards in the area of sustainability as well. Our responsibility as a company is to make clear, forward-looking and morally responsible decisions. We have defined our ambitions for sustainability in directives, guidelines and standards. Above all, we have made sustainability a part of our daily lives. It starts with every one of us.

Sustainable purchasing within the Hauni Group

Sustainability does not happen by itself. Therefore, we as the Hauni Group must strive for it by implementing concrete corresponding measures in our purchasing as well. You can find more information here.

To our terms and conditions of purchase

Focus Report 2018

The Hauni Group focused on preserving biodiversity when it comes to sustainability in 2018. The current Focus Report introduces the topic and provides an overview of Hauni's cross-location sustainability campaign for more biodiversity and nature conservation.

Focus Report (ePaper)

Focus Report 2017

Our sustainability strategies aim to make progress in all areas – including mobility. For example, we are investing in a fleet of electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions. With this focus report, we also want to offer our employees a wide variety of incentives and ideas for learning about new forms of mobility and trying them out for themselves.

Focus Report (PDF)

Sustainability Report 2016

How does Hauni implement sustainability – practically and specifically – in the company? What are the measurable results? What are the advantages for our customers? What do employees expect from a sustainable employer? Click here to download the sustainability report and find answers to these and many more questions.

Sustainability Report (PDF)

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