Strong buyers, strong suppliers

One for all: our international purchasing projects are each assigned to a “lead buyer”. He is responsible for the group-wide purchasing negotiations with suppliers. This ensures more efficient processes and optimized conditions.

Our terms and conditions of purchase

We rely on strong suppliers throughout our supply chain. We want to work together with them responsibly. We want to build stable, long-term relationships. Further information can be found in the following text.

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Sustainable purchasing within the Hauni Group

Sustainability does not happen by itself. Therefore, we as the Hauni Group must strive for it by implementing concrete corresponding measures in our purchasing as well. The Sustainable Procurement Policy is one part of these measures.

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Country of origin

Documents for suppliers

Questionnaires for suppliers

Are you interested in working together with our company? Do you want to qualify as a supplier? Please feel free to contact us by email. Or complete our supplier questionnaire right now. Your information will be treated confidentially and not passed on to third parties

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Change request

Are you a technical supplier for our company? Do you want to change a design in an ongoing project? Click here to download the corresponding request form.

Download the change request form

Digital signature

We use electronic media for data transfer and need to ensure that the person with whom we are communicating actually is the person he/she claims to be. This can be done using a digital signature which also ensures the data arrive in exactly the form they were sent. Click here to download instructions for using digital signatures with PDFs.

Download the PDF digital signatures document

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