Focus Report 2018 dedicated to sustainability and biodiversity protection

The Hauni Group focused on preserving biodiversity when it comes to sustainability in 2018. The current Focus Report has now been published.

The environment is one of five fields of action in the sustainability program that the Hauni Group developed in 2010 and has been implementing continuously ever since. The Focus Report 2018 highlights biodiversity protection. Around one million animal and plant species are currently threatened with extinction - that is about one in eight species. Scientists see the global decline in biodiversity: The loss of natural ecosystems, species and genetic diversity within species is one of the greatest challenges of our time.

"The protection of natural habitats is an issue of global importance and requires the commitment of various stakeholders. This also applies to us as a company," says Dirk Kronenberg, Sustainability Manager at Hauni. "Anyone can get involved - so colleagues from several Hauni companies have already implemented the first species conservation projects with a great deal of commitment and energy”.

The current Focus Report introduces the topic of biodiversity protection and presents the first cross-location sustainability campaign for greater species diversity and nature conservation in the Hauni Group. The report also provides information on current environmental goals and documents key sustainability figures for the Hauni Group.


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