Decouflé: The next milestone

On 28 March, Decouflé celebrated the inauguration of its new building in Villejust (not far from Paris).

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It is a modern building that focuses on communication and collaboration between employees and improves production processes.

With the foundation stone laid in June 2018, a unique working environment was created based on the ideas of all employees, promoting creativity, innovation and co-creation. The floor plan of the building is based on the end-to-end process. The individual work areas are arranged in an open workstation concept in the form of a circle. In this way, connected processes are linked in order to reduce interface losses and promote fast reaction and good communication. Since the renovation of the Chilly Mazarin building, which had become too large in the meantime, would not have been economical, it was sold and the new building in Villejust was built by an investor and rented by us. The world is changing and Decouflé is changing with it. A new home has been created to reflect the future. 

In his speech, CSO Dr. Jürgen Heller thanked all employees on behalf of the management for the smooth relocation. He welcomed the new Decouflé Managing Director Patrick Bouilloud.

"Together with our employees, creativity, innovation and cooperation are the key elements for a successful future," says Patrick Bouilloud. “As part of the Decouflé family, I am very happy to contribute to shaping this future in such an inspiring building!”

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