Your machine and spares information at a glance

Do the following problems sound familiar? The performance of your old machines is slowly deteriorating. Obsolescence issues have gone unnoticed for too long – turning normal costs for spare parts into major unplanned investments. Purchasing spare parts is complex and not always convenient. The new customer portal Hauni myPORTAL provides solutions to all these problems.

It sounds almost too good to be true: all the information you need at a glance and from a single source – clear, reliable and transparent. myPORTAL cuts through the confusing jungle of offers and products. It allows registered customers to find exactly the right solution quickly and easily – whether they are buyers, maintenance managers or project engineers.

"Many customers currently use our Webshop – which has been live for more than two decades – to buy spare parts. It’s time to take this service to the next level. We’ve developed a system that offers our customers a completely new user experience in the procurement process and beyond – faster, more convenient and with state-of-the-art technology," explains marketing expert Elena Enns, who has been involved with myPORTAL from the outset.

"myPORTAL is extremely simple. You certainly don’t have to be a digital native to use it," says Enns. "According to initial feedback from our customers, the system is user-friendly and self-explanatory. It’s fun and very intuitive to use with modern, tidy and very clear interfaces." Hauni provides explanatory videos, a manual and, of course, personal support at any time for anyone who needs assistance. myPORTAL not only makes it easier for you to do your own work, but also to collaborate with others. The new project space allows project members to exchange documents with other members throughout the company. In this secure digital project environment, they can create milestones and archive entire projects after completion – important information need never be lost again.

Compare formats with a few clicks, load up to 150 articles into your shopping cart at once or find important customs information.

No matter what you are looking for, the Webshop module in myPORTAL offers a convenient procurement process as well as a discount of two percent on regular prices of spare parts. The detailed product page instantly shows whether the part can be repaired or not. You can then simply initiate the repair process with a repair request from myPORTAL. And if you are looking for spare parts with a longer service life, the search shows you where premium versions of standard parts are available.

Save valuable tobacco with your old cigarette maker.

Installing the STR Short Tobacco Recovery assembly, for example, can save up to EUR 80,000 per year. This is just one of more than 100 Technical Improvement Programs (TIPs) you can find in "Machinery & Assets". The module provides a direct link to the latest software information for specific machines. In the future, it will also offer downloads of updated machine software – no more waiting for software DVDs!

Avoid high investment costs caused by obsolescence issues.

If the electronic spare parts you need have become obsolete and you missed the opportunity to replace them, you have a problem. In the worst case, no 1:1 replacement is available and you face major investments for conversion, waste recovery and downtime. Instead of paying normal costs for replacing a spare part, you could easily face an increased investment of more than EUR 100,000. You can avoid this kind of procurement problem by using the sophisticated obsolescence analysis feature in the Spare Parts Management module. This can be run for entire machines to identify obsolete electrical and electronic spare parts and their successor products. The "where-used" function shows you in which machines the obsolete part is still installed.

Identify spare parts from the technical documentation and load them into your shopping cart with one click.

Hauni’s documentation module makes this possible. Long gone is the era of dispatching piles of paper around the world and hours of searching to find exactly the right tech nical drawing or identify positions for components. In myPORTAL, you can find subassemblies and individual parts in seconds and order them directly with just a few clicks. Another advantage: if you need a drawing or documentation while you are working at a machine, just use the mobile version, e.g. on a tablet.


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