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Hauni’s PROTOS-M series sets the industry benchmark. Now the second generation of makers leaps forward.

Fourteen years ago, Hauni launched the PROTOS-M series to offer customers a new level of quality, reliability, investment security and flexibility. With more than 300 machines sold, the concept has been a remarkable success.

But for Axel Born, Head of Department at Hauni Engineering, there is no question of resting on these laurels. "Three years ago, we decided to make the next leap forward and develop the second generation. Four major issues currently define production in the tobacco industry and these will also be critical for determining future requirements: flexibility, efficiency, mean time between failures (MTBF) and automation. Our development work focused specifically on these areas – and here the PROTOS-M5e and M4e outperform every other maker on the market."


Flexibility within one shift


Manufacturers are now under more pressure than ever to produce a wide variety of cigarettes within a very short time. Reserving a maker for special sizes and running it only when necessary dramatically reduces overall production efficiency – not only due its footprint and the space required to store spare parts. Power supply connections as well as operator and maintenance costs also have a negative impact. "The second generation of PROTOS-M heralds a new era in flexibility with groundbreaking conversion times from King Size to Super Slim within one shift and from short to long cigarettes in a proven time of just 240 minutes," says Born.


95 percent efficiency


The new generation of PROTOS-M also offers dramatic efficiency gains: while the first PROTOS-M generation remains a state-of-the-art product with up to 90 percent efficiency, Hauni has taken another great leap forward and broken the 95 percent barrier. "We have made profound changes to the design and equipped the new makers with many XL features that are usually found in machines with a higher output range," explains Born. "We have already proven their success in the field. Like the PROTOS-M5e, our PROTOS-M4 achieved an efficiency level of more than 98 percent in several shifts without OEM support."

2nd PROTOS-M generation

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98% efficiency is an achievable goal - we are certain of it.

Axel Born

Head of Department at Hauni Engineering

MTBF of four hours


Maintenance and MTBF are two further key aspects of overall plant efficiency. The second generation of PROTOS machines requires no oil and has a highly maintenance-friendly design that significantly reduces their operating costs. By improving existing components, and developing new ones, Hauni’s engineers have also made huge progress in increasing MTBF. "While other machines are lucky to run for two hours without stopping, the PROTOS-M second Generation can already run uninterrupted for four hours thanks to various optimizations, such as the newly developed segment turner and extended garniture," explains Born. "This is another area with the potential for even greater gains. With the right procedures and the proper use of our pioneering electronics, I think we can run a full shift without interruption."


"Lights-off factory" – The ultimate in automation


Imagine a factory where the shift supervisor switches off the lights in the evening secure in the knowledge that his machines will simply run through the night without human intervention. It is still just a dream, of course. But this dream is the goal of constant research and development for factories and their equipment. "For us, the second generation is just the end of the beginning," confirms Born. "The intelligent second generation of PROTOS-M is ready for Industry 4.0 and thus a reliable component for areas such as big data, anomaly detection systems or predictive maintenance. It is a milestone on the road to the smart factory for every manufacturer."