Razor-sharp design

An upgrade to the Hauni KT 2 tobacco cutter has boosted machine availability and product quality at the van Landewyck Group in Luxembourg.

Heintz van Landewyck has been making tobacco products for more than 170 years and exports them to more than 40 countries. The family company currently produces more than 8 billion cigarettes, 8 billion tubes and 5,000 tonnes of rolling tobacco per year at its facilities in Luxembourg, Germany, Hungary, Andorra and Gran Canaria.

Landewyck has been investing in Hauni technology for years and produces up to 50 million cigarettes per day at its Luxembourg plants. Hauni KT 2 tobacco cutters play a vital role. “We believe that to be successful we must have the best equipment. That’s why we decided to invest in two KT 2 upgrades. Not only do they save tobacco and cut costs, they have also improved product quality,” says Aloyse Metzen, Head of Technical Services at Heintz van Landewyck.

In the standard KT 2, the knife advance is generated by a gear unit that automatically positions and sharpens the knife – whether it needs sharpening or not. The KT 2up now gives the KT 2 the same functionality as its successor – the KT 3. This includes an individual drive that provides flexible control of the knife advance. The knives are sharpened according to the level of wear. The grinding unit also has individual drives and parameter settings that can be adjusted precisely to the specific blend. For Uwe Bausch, a development engineer at Hauni, the advantages of the new knife design are obvious. “The knives are now much sharper and more durable. They require less frequent replacement – reducing labour costs and increasing machine availability. The grinding wheel can even be replaced during a quick production stop in just a few minutes. In addition, the operator can continuously assess the sharpness of the knives, adjust the blend parameters or use stored recipe parameters.”

Metzen has no doubt that the upgrade has delivered “improvements in every area”. These include filling power and thus cigarette quality. The tobacco cutters were adjusted to the ideal operating point for Landewyck, i.e. the best possible tobacco quality and best possible service life for consumable parts. The knives now last up to four times longer and the grinding wheels up to three times longer. The upgrade cuts the time required to replace knives by 30 percent and grinding wheels by 20 percent. Having experienced the many advantages offered by the upgrade, it is not surprising that Landewyck in Luxembourg has now decided to invest in a brand-new KT 3 tobacco cutter.

There is no doubt that the upgrade has delivered improvements in every area.

Aloyse Metzen

Head of Technical Services at Heintz van Landewyck