Inspection unit

Hauni has developed an inspection unit for its MSM Multi Segment Maker – featuring a standardized design for maximum modularity and flexibility.

The inspection unit offers the option of integrating up to three additional drums with a maximum of seven sensor modules into the MSM inspection module. It is an investment in the future.

Demand for sensors is growing rapidly – especially in the area of Tobacco Heating Products (THP) – and nobody today knows how they will look in the future. The new inspection unit has an easy-to-use, modular design that simplifies the process of adding new sensors: until now, technicians first had to search for a suitable place in the machine to install the additional sensors and then, potentially, perform a time-consuming rebuild. Now, the installation of additional, fully integrated, standard or customised sensors in the MSM inspection unit no longer poses any problems. Drum axles for the sensors can be quickly added to or removed from the machine. And that’s it – the sensors are ready for immediate use. The switch cabinet is configured to provide space for all new sensor technologies as standard. Using a patent-pending technology, the product passes around the drums and is scanned by the sensors from both sides in the inspection unit. This differs from the approach taken by conventional single sensors. An innovative feature here is that the top drum passes the product to the next inspection unit, which rotates in the opposite direction.