Hauni Group says thank you

As CEO, Member of the Körber Group Executive Board and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Hauni, Christopher Somm has played a major role in shaping and expanding the Hauni Group.

In 2003, Christopher Somm left the board of Sultex AG, the Swiss specialist in textile machines, and joined Hauni. As a Member of the Executive Board, his new responsibility was for sales and services.

At that time, nobody anticipated the extent to which Mr. Somm, who speaks five languages, would shape the fortunes of the company over more than fifteen years. Travelling widely, the Swiss engineering expert not only helped to establish new locations, such as Hauni Trading Shanghai (2006) and Hauni Turkey (2012). He also set the future course of the Group by integrating brands such as Sodim, Borgwaldt and Garbuio. "In his positions as CEO and Member of the Executive Board of Körber AG as well as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Hauni Group, Christopher Somm has consistently promoted the continuing development of the Hauni Group over the past one and a half decades. He has reinforced and expanded its position as the world’s leading technology partner to the tobacco industry," explains Dr. Jürgen Heller, Chief Sales Officer at Hauni, during Mr. Somm’s retirement party. "We are very grateful to him for his tireless efforts on behalf of our company. Our best wishes go with him as he embarks on this new phase of his life."

Christopher Somm looks back with satisfaction on his time at Hauni: "I was interviewed shortly after joining Hauni in 2003. The journalist asked me whether there was anything I would like to have done differently in my career. My response was a resounding no. Today I am happy to give the same answer."