Curiosity is the spur

Katharina Hinz has been President of Hauni Richmond, Inc. since October 2017. An engineer with an MBA, she previously spent more than 16 years with the Körber Group, working in roles including PROTOS-M5 project manager and Head of Serial and Order Design at Hauni.

Katharina Hinz feels at home in Virginia not only because the East Coast is the cradle of the US tobacco industry; she’s also taken a shine to the many places of interest, opportunities for outdoor activities and varied cuisine of the American south.

"When I take something on, I intend to get it done," says Katharina Hinz when asked if she managed to climb Kilimanjaro as planned. The same goes for everything in the passionate globetrotter’s professional life.

As President of Hauni Richmond, she’s always looking for new challenges and, as with her trekking tours, tries to meet them wherever possible with a capable team she knows she can rely on: "Each goal involves a mix of the predictable and the surprising. To achieve it, you have to strike a balance between planning and risk assessment, taking on challenges with a sense of curiosity while at the same time knowing your limits. The various skills of the team complement each other: everyone is particularly good at something, so we all reach the summit together."


Long-term partnerships


Like that summit, her professional duties cannot be challenging enough for Katharina Hinz: idleness is not in her nature. For the management of Hauni Richmond, there’s no such thing anyway. Established in 1955, the traditional location is like a mini Hauni Group, with its own production, assembly and commissioning and its own development, service, sales, controlling and human resources. The hallmarks of the business are long and trusting relationships with its customers in the United States and Canada. "In the dynamic area comprising sales, production and service, the services we offer, including installation, servicing, production support and maintenance, account for around half of our business. Our focus here is on maintaining the values that our customers have acquired in the form of Hauni machines at the optimum performance level for a long time," explains Hinz. "For our customers, the model of appropriate, individual long-term service contracts is persuasive. With modular services made up of maintenance and electrical modernization, partial overhaul or refurb, they ensure maximum performance of both their new and ageing machines."

Everyone is particularly good at something, so we all reach the summit together.

Katharina Hinz

President of Hauni Richmond

Never stop moving


To provide the first-class service her customers expect at all times, Hinz and her team are continuously developing new offers. These include, for example, the quick exchange program for the M5/M5e based on the proven Hauni Richmond component exchange program, the service for online and offline instruments from Sodim and Borgwaldt, or the introduction of additive manufacturing in Richmond, which can dramatically reduce delivery times, and in some cases also downtimes, for customers in North America. In order to ensure the ongoing availability of excellent specialists, increasingly in demand among customers in the face of the growing shortage of skilled workers, Hinz has recently launched a three-year training course for mechatronics engineers. Since August, it has been qualifying young people with in-house training alongside their college studies. She also has some new things on the agenda for her spare time. Adding to her long list of travel destinations, Katharina Hinz now has her sights set on Israel and Ethiopia. Then there’s the 3,500-kilometre Appalachian Trail through the east of the US: "That takes six months, so I’m afraid it’s not compatible with my job, but I will do part of it during my vacation next year." Driven by her curiosity, Dresden-born Hinz is always on the move. As to whether she ever dreams of just doing nothing, her answer is of course a resounding "no."