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Knife carrier with direct drive: Hauni’s innovative rod-cutting module offers improved product quality and a high degree of automation.

The adjustment process during commissioning or length changes used to take around two hours to complete. So this automated commissioning function – which completes the process in just two minutes – saves valuable production time. The automatic calibration process guarantees the highest safety stan dards. Moreover, it prevents damage occurring because the machine will only start when all the measurements are plausible.

Knife carrier with direct drive

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The highly automated solution offers further advantages when the machine is operation. For example, the ledger wheel and the knife length sensor monitor the knife and tube to ensure they are operating safely. In addition, the knife lengths are displayed on the VISU as a chart. This allows the operator to monitor and adjust the grinding wheels.

The drives are quiet and oil-free, require no maintenance, operate safely and reliably, and ensure a higher-quality product. They facilitate fast format changes within the following production parameters: 60 to 150 mm filter rod length, 30 to 75 mm tobacco rod length and 4.4 to 9.19 mm product diameter. The rod-cutting module is the standard for all new Hauni rod makers.