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Services | 24.04.2018

New function available in the Hauni Webshop

Many spare parts now have pictures attached. If you search for a part, if you call up the product details, or if you check the part details in the shopping basket - a foto of the spare part is displayed. You can be even more sure to order the right part. In 360° view you have the possibility to check the part all around for a special connection or other features that may distinguish it from a similar part. As a standard, a small picture is shown that will in most cases have no influence on the performance of your internet connection. Once you call up the product details or click on the preview, a larger size picture and the 360° view is loaded. We are sure you will enjoy the new feature as much as we do. The high quality fotos are processed by an innovative technology in a highly automated way enabling us to add approximately 250 pictures every week. Have a look!

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