Improve manufacturing process performance: d.operations

Hauni Digital's Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) is the entirely modular and seamless vertical and horizontal integration suite. Production (MES), quality, maintenance, intralogistics and warehouse processes throughout the entire plant, always under control, in real time. Full integration from shop floor control modules up to any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Designed, scaled, customized and delivered both for mobile devices and management dashboards. ISA-95 and OPC-UA compliant.

Key benefits of d.operations

Success story

Smart factory transformation

The digital revolution creates different challenges in every industry and every company – so each individual case requires a specific solution. "Our customers are technical experts so we have to match their technical expertise in their respective fields," explains D. Daniel Zamberlan, Executive Vice President Digital.

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Software solutions

Asset management made easy

Managing hundreds of assets can be quite complicated and time-consuming. By implementing d.maintenance, our Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software solution, you can achieve higher asset efficiency and integrated control. It allows you to track tasks that are related to the planning, cleaning and inspection of your assets. d.maintenance ensures that production systems operate as they are designed to, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity. Evaluation options also enable you to monitor the success of maintenance and control it as required at all times.

The right material at the right place at the right time

From conventional manual or forklift-operated systems to highly automated systems, such as automated guided vehicles (AGV): d.intralogistics controls and manages all tasks, processes, material flows and transport along the entire value chain. The integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables you to achieve shorter throughput times, greater efficiency and process reliability, Just In Time (JIT) and Just In Sequence (JIS) lean implementation, with maximum picking and placing quality.                                                                                                                                        

Real-time monitoring, synchronization and improvement

Hauni Digital’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software is the bespoke system for managing, monitoring and synchronizing the execution of real-time, physical processes involved in transforming raw materials into intermediate and/or finished goods, end to end. d.production delivers first-class manufacturing intelligence, real-time visibility with user-friendly dashboards, supporting continuous improvement for planning and execution, including centerlining, optimized cleaning and inspection, and defect handling, among other features.

Meet customer and regulatory requirements

Our Quality Management System (QMS) supports you in consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing their satisfaction. d.quality perfectly supports the implementation of ISO and further quality standards in your organization. The performance of defined processes as e.g. order processing, product measurement, calibration, corrective or preventive actions, laboratory and R&D outcomes, and so on, is measured, analyzed and continually improved, and this delivers inputs for management review processes and decision support systems.

"These digital services and smart software solutions offer significant benefits, such as real-time global information, greater operational management flexibility and reduced downtime."

Process Control & Digital Technology Director

of one of our Fortune 500 customers

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