Give power to the people: d.empowerment

Empowerment refers to all measures and strategies that increase the employee's engagement, self-leadership and self-management. Supported by our software solutions, employees are actively involved in projects and processes and participate in decisions and improvements, even if they do not invent and lead them themselves. This increases the employee's motivation and further consolidates knowledge and skills by continuous, self-directed learning.

Key benefits of d.empowerment

Success stories

One for all - myPORTAL

Machine operators, project engineers or purchasers – Hauni's new customer portal helps registered users to find what they are looking for quickly and securely: from hassle-free orders for spare parts to technical information about machines and joint projects with Hauni.

Interactive 3D training – anytime, anywhere

Highly trained and motivated employees can be a big factor in improving machine efficiency and product quality. With Hauni Digital Academy, technicians and operators can gain a complete understanding of the machine. Procedures are shown on interactive 3D models and explained step-by-step.


"We often used to have problems with time-consuming information searches and outdated documents. This led to delays and downtime in assembly. Today, we can access everything we need at the click of a mouse. This allows us to concentrate fully on our actual work, significantly reduces processing times and improves quality," says Andreas Vogt, a mechanic in Rebuild Assembly from the Hauni Group.

Software solutions

Interactive 3D training 24/7

The human factor is the most valuable asset when it comes to efficient machine operation. Our modern training platform helps especially technicians and operators to gain a complete knowledge of the machines, and how to run them in the best possible manner. Procedures and guidance are shown on interactive 3D models and explained step-by-step when needed. On the shop floor – on demand – around the world – at all times.

The single point of contact

Convenient touchpoints simplify our daily life. Find machine information at a glance and make decisions based on a single source of information. Manage your spare parts procurement and shop more conveniently than ever before. A new collaboration space allows you to increase the transparency of joint projects.

Assembly work digitally reinvented

d.shopfloor has already proven to significantly increase productivity. This app delivers all the relevant information directly to the workplace in a digital format. It provides quick access to the most up-to-date data at any time via an intuitive interface. Users benefit from reduced throughput times as well as higher quality and punctuality. In manufacturing, d.shopfloor covers topics such as tooling plans, work instructions and production order overviews. For assembly workers, topics include 3D models, parts lists and missing parts overviews.

From experts for experts

Our “Technical Remote Support” and “Remote Performance Analysis” services offer you a helping hand whenever you need it. Top-quality support is provided via state-of-the-art tools, such as the new Körber Xpert View system. These collaborative, real-time solutions ensure rapid troubleshooting, increased productivity and maximum availability, while reducing maintenance costs.

"We are very impressed with the Digital Academy. It's extremely helpful for all our training courses."

Kamil Wiśniewski

Project Engineer, Global Engineering, Imperial Tobacco Polska S.A.

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